Wireless Network Solutions

Experts in various areas of operation across Africa through years of experience in project management.

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Why Choose Us

Our solutions and services base on cutting-edge research and development with a keen view to detail on business operations.

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Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Committed to meet our customers’ expectations, by focusing on customer needs and forecasted success.

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Excellent leadership

Our qualified and experienced leadership is responsible for the delivery of end to end value chain

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Wireless Network Solutions Ltd (WNS) is a business that cuts across Telecommunications, ICT, Broadcasting, Energy & Environment Conservation, Project management and Training Services to Private and Public enterprises.


We cut across vendor management, contracts management, networks management, NOC services to guarantee perfect performance of your business.


Together with our global partners, we provide, commission and manage different energy solutions to your satisfaction.


We design and lay Fiber underground, overhead and in buildings. We design and build data centers for business continuity.


With our years of experience in managing fixed and wireless networks, we can partner with you to build networks for corporate clients, estates and individual homes that provide internet services.


We have years of experience in bulding networks across Africa and we can guarantee good and timely implementation of your projects to meet your time to market.


With low revenues from voice and increasing demand for data, you need cost effective maintenance services that ensure low OPEX and zero delays to repair. This is our speciality.

About Us

Why Choose Us

Wireless Network Solutions represents good governance, high quality of services, cost effective solutions, diverse and of high integrity teams who perform with excellency beyond customer expectation.

Our Qualified and experienced leadership is responsible for the delivery of end to end value driven enterprise-based and unique solutions through a set of streamlined policies, processes and procedures. The way we deilver differentiates us from the rest

Our Vision, Mission & Values

To be a leading Pan African Business, creating opportunities and wealth to shareholders and the community.

Create value in Telecommunication & Resourcing through collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders, operating at organisation, group and/or individual levels.

Value our partners and customers, respect diversity, exercise high levels of integrity and honesty, and faithfully serve the communities we operate in.

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